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EcoElectric Lift



ALL DC24V icon

Lifting type long stroke actuator.

In combination with EcoElectric DC conveyor, workpiece on a conveyor can be raised by the lift.

Useful for vertical circulation conveyance.


Main body
Max stroke 920 mm
Lower limit of stroke 163 mm or more
Upper limit of stroke 1,083 mm or less (*1)
Stop method at upper/lower limit By hitting the end stops.
Intermediate stop (OPTION) One intermediate stop position can be set by installing a sensor.
Max weight of workpiece 46 kg
Max. total payload of lift 110 kg
Example: arm (64 kg) + conveyor (46 kg)
Center of gravity of lift Within 900 mm from the arm mounting surface.
Thrust (need adjustment) (*2) 75 N
Speed (reference) 100 mm/sec
Size of body W: 624 mm
L: 430 mm
H: 1,493.5 mm

(*1) Ensure to set the upper limit of stroke higher than the lower limit of stroke.
(*2) Adjustment will allow safe and low-thrust lift motion.

Motor rated rotation speed 4,500 rpm
Motor rated load torque 0.11 Nm ± 10%
Motor gear reduction ratio 1/45
Powder brake rated torque 12 Nm
Shock absorber max absorption capacity 10 J

Safety Precautions

Please perform risk assessment before use to determine the guarding requirement as it depends on specs and environment of the end user.


  • Main body

    Main bodyの画像

  • Reversed installation

    Reversed installationの画像

    Motor module, powder brake, control panel, cable carrier, and upper/lower limit sensors can be installed on the opposite side.

  • Back bottom view

    Back bottom viewの画像

  • Motor module

    Motor moduleの画像

    Use the lift with the speed channel fixed at CH8.

Combination example

  • EcoElectric DC conveyor

    EcoElectric DC conveyorの画像

    In combination with EcoElectric DC conveyor, workpiece on a conveyor can be raised by the lift.


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