9 Eco- and User-friendly features

01 No Pneumatics

Compressor shares 25% of power consumption in a factory. EcoElectric technology eliminates pneumatics, reducing CO2 emission.

No compressor / Power use 75% less / CO2 emission 75% less

02 Low-thrust*1 and Safe

Low thrust, no need for safety accessories*2, thus collaborative.

  • Guarding: no need
  • Motion detector: no need
  • CapEx: reduced
*1 Low thrust:
Low force for devices to safely react against collision.
*2 Safety accessory:
Devices such as guarding and light curtains to prevent injury caused by machine contact.


03 No Controllers, Easy to Operate

Activates with only 24VDC through PLC. No programming: built-in drive has all controls functions. Free of inverters as the speed is set by the speed channel.

Comparison of conventional products and ECO ELECTRIC SERIES

04 Less Wiring, Smart Design

No complex wiring or piping: just off-the-shelf M12 cables to connect devices and I/O blocks.

AC conveyor / DC conveyor

05 Safe + Shorter Tact-time

Speed and safety go together. Safety cost can be greatly reduced.

DC Conveyor

06 Shock Suppression when Stopping

Sensors see workpiece and trigger gradual slowdown to protect against shock at stop.

AC conveyor / DC conveyor

07 Space Saving

Motors built into frames: no frame protrusion or worry for mounting positions.

DC conveyor

08 Easy to Maintain

Modularity makes it easy to replace and maintain individual units.

EcoElectric DC conveyor

09 Reliable Track Record

Our products are approved as project book components by leading carmakers, with over 23,000 units delivered.

Total sales by product

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