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EcoElectric Accumulate stop



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Accumulate stop driven by 24VDC only without the need for a dedicated controller.

Capable of stopping and holding multiple pallets on a conveyor and releasing one by one.

Pallets are isolated by rotating two attachments at the front and the rear of the unit to ensure that no multiple pallets are released simultaneously.

[Relevant Product]
EAS200: Heavy-duty type with a total transportable weight of 740 kg.

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Main body
Driving method Operation of stop: motor-driven
Product weight 17.0 kg
Size of body W: 110 mm
L: 766 mm
H: 166.4 mm
Allowable payload 225 kg or less
Time until releasing stop Approx. 1.2 sec

Power source
Model ECY40-50
(HIRATA BLUE MOTOR is built in.)
Voltage rating 24VDC ± 10%
Current rating 1.2 A (rms)
Max current 2.6 A (rms)(typ.)
Instantaneous maximum current 4.0 A (peak)
Power consumption 20 W
Standby power 0 W
Dedicated controller Not required
Connector spec M12 connector (male)
4 pins:
(1) -
(2) 24V [stop released (BWD)]
(3) 0V
(4) 24V [stop activated (FWD)]

Safety Precautions

Please perform risk assessment before use to determine the guarding requirement as it depends on specs and environment of the end user.


  • Main body

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  • Main body

    Main bodyの画像


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