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EcoElectric Slider

ESLV20 belt driven

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Electric slider driven by 24VDC only without the need for dedicated driver. (Belt driven, supporting 220 to 2,020 mm stroke.)

No-frills unit with no cumbersome setting or adjustment by focusing on functions required for the production line.

[Relevant Product]
ESL30 series: Ball screw type, for 200 to 900 mm stroke.
ESL6TV series: Ball screw type, for 721 to 920 mm stroke.

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Main body
Stroke 220 mm to 2,020 mm
Product weight for each stroke (approx.) [Stroke]: [Product weight]
280 mm: 16.2 kg
400 mm: 17.6 kg
520 mm: 19.0 kg
760 mm: 21.9 kg
940 mm: 24.0 kg
1,120 mm: 26.1 kg
1,300 mm: 28.2 kg
1,480 mm: 30.3 kg
1,660 mm: 32.4 kg
1,900 mm: 35.2 kg
2,020 mm: 36.6 kg
Size of body W: 401.8 mm
L: stroke + 434 mm
H: 90 mm
Thrust 200 N
Lateral weight capacity (reference) 10 kg
Speed rating (reference) 50 mm/sec to 200 mm/sec
Shock absorber maximum absorbing capacity 3 J

Power source
Model Motor module: [EDM20]
(HIRATA BLUE MOTOR is built in.)
Voltage rating 24VDC ± 10%
Output rating 20 W
Standby power 0 W
Current rating 1.2 A (rms)
Max current 2.6 A (rms)(typ.)
Instantaneous maximum current 4.0 A (peak)
Dedicated controller Not required
Connector spec M12 connector (male)
4 pins:
(1) -
(2) 24 V [CCW (BWD)]
(3) 0 V
(4) 24 V [CW (FWD)]

Safety Precautions

Please perform risk assessment before use to determine the guarding requirement as it depends on specs and environment of the end user.


  • Main body

    Main bodyの画像

  • Main body

    Main bodyの画像

    (Upper cover is removed.)

  • Motor module

    Motor moduleの画像


  • Two-speed control

    Two-speed controlの画像

    [Horizontal application]
    By installing a sensor, the unit can be controlled to decelerate in the middle of motion and stop gently.

  • Two-speed control

    Two-speed controlの画像

    [Vertical application (moving down)]
    When lowering with a heavy load, apply the control mode for lowering.

  • Speed channel [CH]

    Speed channel [CH]の画像

    Operation speed can be changed by adjusting the speed channel on the motor module (nine levels between CH1 and CH9).

  • Manual lock release

    Manual lock releaseの画像

    Manual lock can be easily released by loosening the lock release bolt, shifting the slider, and re-tightening the bolt.


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