Carbon footprint 75% less

Hirata contributes
to a Carbon-Neutral society.

Make responsibly
to pass on to future

User- and Eco-friendly,
Electric Transfer Series


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User- and Eco-friendly,
Electric Transfer Series

· Promotes to cut CO2 emission
· All electric: no pneumatics needed
· Safe to collaborate with operators

*1 : than before
The reduction rate shown here is the representative value to describe the features of the series as a whole.

*2 : Perform risk assessment to determine the guarding requirement as it depends on specs and environment of the end user.

Low Thrust

Low Thrust

Low-thrust and collaborative

Low-thrust and safe to collaborate while powerful enough to carry heavy load. When bumped, equipment can stop and then resume task.

  • Guarding: no need
  • Motion detector: no need
  • CapEx: reduced

Smart Design

Smart Design

Smart connection, Quick start

No complex wiring or piping: just M12 cables to connect through. No need for certified electrician: easy to connect and start.

No controllers, easy to operate.

Activates with only 24VDC through PLC. No programming: built-in drive has all controls functions. Free of inverters as the speed is set by the speed channel.

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Heart of EcoElectric Series

Hirata’s brushless
DC motor for global market

Small and high-efficiency brushless motor developed by Hirata for EcoElectric Series. Certified with major standards like UL for global market. Compact yet powerful. HIRATA BLUE MOTOR is named after the blue earth and Hirata’s corporate color.




AC Motor

Conventional motor

EcoElectric Series

DC Motor

EcoElectric Series
  • Weight
  • Volume

Above depicts size comparison of the DC conveyor motor (50 W) with our conventional AC conveyor motor (200 W). It is not intended to guarantee the equal performances.

AC motor(Conventional) HIRATA BLIE MOTOR Compact design


Connecting beyond
with a single 24VDC cable



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With collective strength of engineering and manufacturing, Hirata shares a unique place in the global market.

Hirata is a system integrator for production systems tailored to customer’s needs in fields like automobiles, semiconductors, panel manufacturing, and home appliances. With expertise through diverse experiences, we continue to challenge the technological innovation.

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